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We offer placement services to many of the leading corporate in the following  sectors Banking/Finance, FACT, Pharma, Telecom,  Retail , BPO.

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At CareerXone we discuss various career options available. which widens the horizons for career selections. We also help & guide students / parents to resolve their queries on same.
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CareerXone offers marketing solutions to small & medium enterprise based on their requirements with low budget high impact marketing tips & strategies.


Marketing Difference between

The small Business and Larger Companies     

                For small business owners your marketing budget is limited. The most effective way to market your company is to create a well rounded program that combines sales activities with your marketing tactics. Your sales activities will not only decrease your out-of-pocket marketing expense but it also adds the value of interacting with your prospective customers and clients. This is priceless. 
 Small businesses typically have a limited marketing budget . It just means you have to think a little more creatively.

            When you do spend money on marketing, don't forget to create a way to track those marketing efforts. You can do this by coding your ads, using multiple toll-free telephone numbers, and asking prospects where they heard about you. This enables you to notice when a marketing tactic stops working. You can then quickly replace it with a better choice or method.

The Importance of a Target Market

           When it comes to your customers keep in mind the importance of target marketing. The reason this is important is that only a proportion of the population is likely to purchase any products or service. By taking time pitch your sales and marketing efforts to the correct niche market you will be more productive and not waste your efforts or time.


           It's important to consider your virtual segmentation by selecting particular verticals to present your offerings to. Those verticals will have particular likelihood of purchasing your products and services. Again, this saves you from wasting not only valuable time but also money.

Getting Started By being diligent in your marketing and creating an easy strategy such as holding yourself accountable to contact 10 customers or potential customers daily five days a week you'll see your business grow at an exceptional rate. The great thing is it didn't take a large marketing budget to make it happen.

          The secret to creating a high-impact marketing plan is to optimize your limited budget. A one-time radio ad blitz, glossy brochure, or flash-enabled website will quickly erode your budget and derail your marketing plans. Use low-budget marketing to get your message out to your customers on a regular basis, and watch sales revenue grow.



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