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Vision-A onestop solution to create winning edge in your career.  Mission-Every challenge, every new initiative, every new idea, is dedicated to one goal





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We offer placement services to many of the leading corporate in the following  sectors Banking/Finance, FACT, Pharma, Telecom,  Retail , BPO.

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At CareerXone we discuss various career options available. which widens the horizons for career selections. We also help & guide students / parents to resolve their queries on same.
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CareerXone offers marketing solutions to small & medium enterprise based on their requirements with low budget high impact marketing tips & strategies.





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Business Coaching

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Business Coaching is aimed at people working in an organization or company. The coach will work with the individual manager or employee on a one to one basis or with a team to develop, implement and achieve progress on personal, team and corporate goals. The coach will conduct face-to-face sessions on your premises. Coaching will help all the individuals in the organization share common objectives and values, which will improve productivity.

It was clearly demonstrated that training alone could increase productivity by 20 per cent - but, when training was combined with coaching, the productivity increase was a massive 80 per cent.

Your staff is your most valuable resource. It is also true that your company is only as strong as the weakest link.

Business coaching will encourage staff to perform at the optimum levels of application, enthusiasm and accuracy. As a result of coaching they will do this because they want to - not because they have to.

Business coaching is applied at all levels in your organization, from the top executive post to the person who sorts and delivers the executive post. True productivity is achieved when each individual is working for the good of the organization and when they understand and truly share the company's aims and objectives.

Interpersonal disputes can be resolved, stress levels and pressure managed, levels of personal responsibility can be enhanced and, recruitment and retention costs can be slashed with positive cash savings.






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